The Missouri Review

Working Writer Series

wherein Barrett discusses

writing and persistence

and the process of story creation

The Real World of the Writing Life


The Missouri Review


Some of Barrett's Work Can Be Read Online: 

The gorgeously spare and stylish Spartan published her story 

Honorable Mention in the Bevel Summers Prize and published in Shenandoah,
 "Aphrodite Carries Condoms" 

"After" at A-Minor

Drunken Boat publshed "Fissures" in their Contemporary Women's Fiction Folio.

Barrett's Writing Beyond Good  series at  The Missouri Review Blog:

Writing Beyond Good:

     Mining For Diamonds

Writing Beyond Good:

     The 'So-What? Factor

Writing Beyond Good:

     Creating Emotion Resonance

Writing Beyond Good:

     Creating Emotion Resonance,

         The Sequel

Writing Beyond Good:

     Crafting Memorable Characters